Determine learning gaps in your child's academic journey with AI based assessment app

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Practice makes perfect

With custom practice tests and various topics available, you can help your kid test their knowledge and improve it from early on.

You can choose between the many subjects we cover and create suitable practice tests, with customizable difficulty, based on your kid’s age.

We are constantly developing, updating and improving the subjects and topics thereby helping the kid to get smarter by the day.

As a parent

Providing your kids with a fun and effective learning environment that helps them develop a competitive edge from early on.

As a kid

Access to an exciting and fun way of taking exams. Championships that will expand your knowledge and you will get opportunity to compete with other kids of your age at a National level. You’ll earn cool rewards too!

What parents are saying

I can see a lot of improvement in my son’s vocabulary since we signed up on TuduBuddy. He’s using words that I never heard him use before, and he can actually spell them easily now - a thing that he struggled with a few weeks ago.

TuduBuddy has been great! My 8-year-old has found a new passion for Geography. She’s getting to know the flags of most countries and their official languages, and many other interesting facts. I think TuduBuddy just sparked her desire to improve every day.

If your child has exam phobia, you should definitely try TuduBuddy. Before signing up, my 10-year-old son was always nervous before exams. Now, he asks me to create tests for him all the time, so he can practice more and do better in the championships.

Creating young champions the smart way.

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TuduBuddy is an Artificial intelligence (AI) based online assessment platform for your child. With custom practice tests on various subjects, you can help your child test their knowledge, identify the gaps in their acaedemic learning and improve upon to get ahead. You can choose the subjects from a range of selection, create suitable practice tests with customizable difficulty levels(Easy, Medium and Difficult), based on your child's age and aptitude.

We are constantly developing, updating and improving the knowledge base, so that your child can learn more effectively, and improve in their career path.


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