Questions and Answers


  • Can I sign up from my phone?

    Tudubuddy is a mobile responsive platform. You can signup on Tudubuddy from your mobile phone browser by enter on any browser supported by your mobile

  • Does my child need to register separately?

    While signing up to Tudubuddy platform, parents need to add a child to their account as part of sign up steps.

    Also parents can use "Manage children" to add or remove a child. Manage children is available on the parent login, next to the child image.

    • Click on downward arrow to add or flip to other kid.
    • Click on Edit button next to child name to edit the details of the child like username, password, change class

  • Do I need to pay for membership?

    Tudubuddy platform is free for first 30 days. In free trial you will benefit with all the features available. 

    After 30 days of free trial, parents have to take yearly subscription to avail below two essentail features for your children

    • To participate in the weekly championship
    • To assign automatic assessments every week for your child

    To take the yearly subscription, go to Settings page and pay using your credit/debit card.  This subscription is valid upto 2 children on the same account.

  • What does PIN (or Password) mean?

    PIN(or Password) consists of 5 digit numeric number required for Child during "Login as Child". As parent, you can change the child's pin (or password) from "Manage Children" page from Parent dashboard. Important to note, that you can find your child's user name and PIN (or Password) on parent dash board.

  • Is the payment made through your website secure?

    Yes, we use PayPal for subscriptions. Tudubuddy doesn’t store user's PayPal store locally.

  • Can I renew my subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel and renew your membership anytime from Settings page.

  • How do I update or change my credit card information shared with Tudubuddy?

    Tudubuddy doesn’t accept payment via credit or debit cards.

  • Does membership include all of my kids or do I need to purchase multiple memberships?

    A single subscription covers all the kids enrolled to an account. You don’t need to subscribe separately for multiple kids.

  • If I already have access to English, do I need to purchase access to Maths?

    No, the same subscription is application for all subjects.

  • Will my free registration get cancelled after expiry of my paid membership?

    No, you will automatically be switched to free subscription after paid subscription is expired or cancelled.

  • How can I subscribe?

    You can subscribe to Tudubuddy using PayPal from 'Settings' page.

  • How can I cancel the subscription?

    You can cancel monthly subscription using PayPal from 'Settings' page.

  • What is the difference between a free and paid membership?

    A free subscription to Tudubuddy entitles to all the features but only 3 Tests/account where as a paid membership entitles you for unlimited assessments.

  • How do I sign up using my Google account?

    You can go to Parent's login page and click on 'Signup using Google and enter your gmail account user mail and password to sign up on Tudubuddy.

  • How do I sign up using my Facebook account?

    You can go to Parent's login page and click on 'Signup using Facebook' and enter your Facebook account user mail and password to sign up on Tudubuddy.

  • Can I add a new child during the course of my membership?

    Yes, you can add children during course of your membership via manage children.

  • I don't have PayPal account? How can I pay?

    We strongly recommend to create a PayPal account to register on Tudubuddy. PayPal is the world's largest online payment gateway and is secure. We are working on accepting payment via other channels.

  • After registering, how soon will I be able to use the app?

    You should be able to use the app straightaway after registering.


  • Forgot my child username and Pin(Password)

    To know the username and pin(password) for your child, follow below steps.

    Login as Parent On the Parent dashboard you will find the a box with Kid name

    Here you will see the Username and Password(or Pin)

    Kindly request your kid to remember his/her username and password to login independently


  • Does Tudubuddy have an iOS or Android mobile app?

    Tudubuddy is a mobile responsive app. This means Tudubuddy works nicely on the mobile browser without any issues. So you dont need to install as an app on your mobile.

  • How do parents login on Tudubuddy?

    Parents can login on Tudubuddy here ---> . Parents can login on tudubuddy either by using their Facebook, Gmail accounts or Tudubuddy registration.

  • Do I need internet connection to use Tudubuddy?

    Yes, to use Tudubuddy you need an internet connection .

  • How do kids login on Tudubuddy?

    Kids can login on tudubuddy using Kids login. They need to enter a username and pin to login on tudubuddy.

  • How do I add a child to my membership?

    You will be prompted to add first child after you login for first time. Additional children can be enrolled using 'Manage Children' from top left hand side menu.

  • What do I do if I forget my password?

    You can change your password using Forgot Password link on the Parent login page.

  • Can both parents use the same account?

    Both parents need to share the login details.

  • Does Tudubuddy have an Android app?

    No, Tudubuddy is a responsive mobile app. Android app will be available later.


  • Can I assign multiple tests to my child?

    Yes, you can assign multiple tests to a child. But we recommend to assign 1 or 2 tests/day or every alternate day.

  • Can I assign test for a particular topic more than once?

    Yes, you can assign test for a particular topic more than once.

  • Does tudubuddy cover all topics of curriculum?

    Yes, Tudubuddy tries to cover most of the topics for KS1, KS2 for UK kids and CBSE, ICSE boards for Indian kids.

  • Are the tests provided by absolutely free?

    Only 3 tests/month are free under free subscription.

  • Are the topics updated according to the changing curriculum?

    Yes, our team is constantly working to ensure that the question bank is updated as per changes in the curriculum.

  • How can I view all the questions of a particular class?

    You can't view all the question at a time. Maximum 20 questions can be assigned /test.

  • How can I view questions for a particular topic?

    You can't view all the questions for a particular topic.

  • Can I create an exam with my own created worksheets for my child?

    No, this feature will be added at later stage.

  • How many points can I add for a single test?

    There is no limit on the points to be assigned/test.

  • Where can I find all the topics and subtopics for a class?

    You can find list of all the topics and subtopics on our site.

  • What countries curriculum do you cover?

    We currently cover UK, USA and India's national curriculums.

  • What is the minimum and maximum number of questions I can add in a test?

    You can assign 5, 10, 15 or 20 questions/test.

  • What subjects do you cover?

    We cover English and Maths currently and planning to add more subjects at a later stage.

  • How can I view the results after taking an exam?

    All the tests are auto marked and the results can be viewed by clicking on Test name or the view icon on the exam card.

  • Can I view a Test after it is completed?

    Yes, you can view the test anytime.

  • Why do I need to mark the completed test as approved?

    The points will be assigned to a child only after a test is approved by parents.

  • Are rewarded points calculated on the basis of test score?

    Yes, points awarded to child are calculated on the basis on the test score.

  • What are points for?

    Points are to motivate the child to finish their to do's. Tudubuddy points collector is similar to child's virtual piggy bank.

  • What can a child do with the awarded points?

    Points accumulated by a child can be used by him to order rewards shortlisted by him.

  • What if I don't select a topic?

    Test topics are optional. If a topic is not selected, the test will pick questions randomly from all the topics.

  • What if the child completes the exam before the end date?

    Child can complete a test before the test end date. The test will be marked as expired if the child doesn’t complete the test by the end date.


  • How to get e-certificates after Championship finished

    For every week, on Sunday Championships, Tudubuddy provide participation certificate with the Rank, Date, Subject and Date on it.

    This certification is send in the email for the participated kids only. Below are the steps to get the e-certificaton.

    1. Open the email sent with the results
    2. Click on "Share on Facebook" option
    3. Facebook account will open with create post screen.
    4. If you want to post directly to your friends you can click on post Or if you dont want to share to your friend then change option to "Only Me"
    5. Now click on Post.
    6. Go to your wall on the Facebook and you will see the certificate. Right click and down load the same.

    Due to current technical limitation, attaching the document directly in the email will take some time. Thanks.